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Cheat Pool Live Tour 2013 Update

Semangat Lagi Yukk !! :)
Lama Nih Gx Ketemu ^o^

Pada Pertemuan Kali ini OM Portgas Akan Memberikan Sebuah Cheat Yang Sangat Di Cari Oleh Para Penjoki ..... Yak !! Cheat Pool Live Tour  ... Tanpa Basi Basi Yuk Kita Simak \^o^/

Download cheat pool live tour 2013 (8ball ruler)
- download and install 
- after install using the desktop shortcut
- press W to switch to reflector
- press F1 to see the shortcuts
- press f12 to see the settings
- right click the ruler and move you mouse to rotate and aim the ruler
- press E to add new list
- press Q to reset the rules

Download cheat
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